I am pleased to say that I am associated with the following organisations (and will add more as they come to mind).

Joint Training Ltd – this is a national outfit, they are the link between electrical apprentices and the electrical installation industry. They also offer training and NVQs, and whatever they do is extremely professional. I like the way they work and I get along very well with this organisation.

National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting – A much respected organisation. This group ensures that electrical contractors install services and equipment to the standards required by the IET. I have attended training with NICEIC and worked with them on occasion. Wherever I can, I use NICEIC training materials.

JIB – this is the organisation that ensures correct standards of training and competence have been achieved by those working in the electrical contracting industry. I am a JIB Approved Electrician. 

This is what used to be known as “Oxford College (of Further Education)” and still is to most local people. It wasted money to become “Oxford & Cherwell Valley College” a few years ago and has since been re-branded back into “City of Oxford College”. I attended Oxford College as an apprentice myself and as an adult on update courses. I started teaching part-time here in 1995 and went full-time in 2004. Oxford College has been good to me and has a lot of very talented people working there. I probably feel the same about this organisation as an old married couple might – I would sometimes like to strangle her, but do still have a lot of affection for her.  

Oxford Energy Academy – started by two guys who were former colleagues at Oxford College, and who I have the greatest respect for in terms of both technical ability and character. It is great to see another training provider in the area and I am very pleased to be associated with them.

Tinson Training. This is an organisation that supplies both “Off the shelf” and bespoke training. Unlike the colleges of FE who “need more than 12” to run a course, Tinson will run a course for very small groups or even individuals if necessary. Furthermore, the course will be designed to customer needs, on their premises, using their equipment, systems and plant to train on. I really enjoy working for this organisation as it fills a void that was very much needed. I have also begun to lose count of how many interesting sites and fascinating people I have met with this company.

The IET, publishers of "The Regs" and the all the electrical CoPs that we abide by. I am extremely proud to be a member of this organisation.

City & Guilds of London, very chuffed to be made an honorary member and entitled to wear the cap and gown at official ceremonies.