This page shows the boards that I use for training and assessment. I believe that practical, hands-on training and practice is the best way to understand the procedures for electrical testing. That is why all my boards make use of resistors to simulate real-life cable runs. All of the equipment shown was built by my own fair hand

Part P Wiring Assessment Rig

Part P Visual Inspection Rig

(Balls-up identification. I know it looks rough, it's meant to!)

Safe Isolation Assessment Rig.

Ring Circuit Training Boards

Three Phase board for general purpose training.

Earth Loop Impedance Training Rig.

Earth Loop Impedance Assessment Rig.

Insulation Resistance Assessment board.

Initial Verification Assessment board.

Periodic Inspection Assessment board.

Full Inspect and Test Assessment board.

Ring Circuit Adaptation and Extension Training Board

Lighting Circuit Training Board

Fault-finding/ Half-splitting Training Board

Combined Ring Circuit/EL Impedance Rig

Star-Delta Training/Fault-finding Rig

If I see the possibility of constructing a useful learning aid, I will go for it. I believe that top-quality training requires plenty of practical input. If one of my rigs helps just one student to understand a point or concept I am happy.

Watch this space for more coming up...